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Public takeover offer for METRO AG: minimum acceptance threshold not reached

9. 8. 2019

Grünwald, 9 August 2019 – The voluntary public takeover offer (the “Offer”) for all ordinary and preference shares of METRO AG (“METRO”) lapsed as the minimum acceptance threshold was not reached.

At the end of the acceptance period of the Offer on 7 August 2019, the total number of METRO shares for which the Offer has been accepted together with METRO shares owned by the bidder and METRO shares attributable for the purpose of calculating the minimum acceptance threshold amounted to approximately 41,7 percent of all METRO ordinary shares issued. The minimum acceptance threshold of 67.5 percent of all METRO ordinary shares was, therefore, not reached.

All METRO shares tendered into the Offer will automatically be rebooked into their original ISIN.

About EP Global Commerce

EP Global Commerce (EPGC) is an acquisition entity controlled by Daniel Křetínský, with current shareholding of 53%, who is acting in concert with other shareholder Patrik Tkáč, who currently holds shareholding of 47% of EPGC. It was founded in April 2016 and is headquartered in Prague. Two subsidiaries, EP Global Commerce GmbH and EP Global Commerce II GmbH, were founded for the acquisition of the METRO shares formerly owned by Haniel and CECONOMY. EP Global Commerce VI GmbH is a subsidiary of EPGC established in connection with the Offer as the bidder.

Daniel Křetínský was born in Brno, Czech Republic, on 9 July 1975. He studied at Masaryk University’s Faculty of Law which he graduated as Doctor of Law, and also holds a bachelor‘s degree in political science. In 1999, he joined J&T investment group as a lawyer, shortly thereafter became responsible for corporate investments and was promoted to the position of partner in 2003. In 2009, through J&T together with PPF, he was involved in the founding of Energetický a průmyslový holding a.s. (EPH), nowadays a leading Central European energy and infrastructure group based in the Czech Republic and has been serving as its CEO and chairman. He subsequently acquired the shares in EPH and is its majority and controlling shareholder. Besides serving on several boards of companies affiliated with EPH, he also holds investments and positions at companies unaffiliated to EPH, including Czech Media Invest, Mall Group or EP Industries. He is also a Chairman of the Board of Direc-tors of AC Sparta Praha fotbal.

Patrik Tkáč was born in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, on 3 June 1973. He studied at the Faculty of National Economy at the University of Economics in Bratislava where he earned his master’s degree. Patrik Tkáč is a co-founder and a co-owner of the J&T group of companies, an international financial and private banking services provider and investment group with a focus on the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. In 1996, he became Member of the Board of Directors at J&T Finance Group, a.s.. Two years later, he was named Chairman of the Board of J&T Banka, a.s. and holds this function until today. He is also the Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Czech News Center and serves on several boards of companies affiliated with the J&T Group such as Nadace J&T (Foundation), J&T IB and Capital Markets or PBI.


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